Size selection of  gear couplings

The specification sheets give the maximum .torque, bore and RPM capacities of individual couplings. To arrive at final size  please adopt the following procedure :

1.Calculate the Effective Torque to be  transmitted from following formula:
Effective Torque = ————————— Kg.M.
Where SF is the service factor to be selected from shown table.

2.Select the coupling size tentatively on the basis of bore considering the maximum diameter of driven and driving shafts. In case the rated torque    capacity of coupling thus selected is equal or more to effective torque calculated above, confirm the coupling size. In case the the rated.torque, is less than effective torque, increase coupling to the size with rated torque equal or more than the effective torque.

3.Check that RPM of coupling is within limits of maximum RPM specified for the size of coupling selected. In case of higher RPMs refer the matter     to us for special High speed couplings which are dynamically balanced.



In order to provide for the dynamic torque which must be transmitted, it may be necessary to increase the horsepower to be transmitted by a factor which will allow for momentary increases in torque due to the characteristics of the equipment. The service factors shown in the table below provide a basis for estimating this allowance for specific combinations of connected equipment.

These factors are derived from long experience with average applications and they are to be considered as a general guide. For conditions not covered by the table, good judgement must be exercised and a factor selected by referring to the type of equipment most closely approximating the type of application being considered. In case of doubt please refer the matter to us. 


Service factors conforms to AGMA standards.